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My name is Awa Ndiaye and I am a spoken word poet. All my life, I have been grappling with ways in which, as an individual, I can bring a positive contribution to our world. I love being able to invite others into similar enquiries through designing and running workshops to curate spaces where people connect intentionally, share vulnerably, and reflect critically. As I keep experimenting with my poetry, I am fascinated by its power to hold such spaces by allowing people to access a deeper place within themselves and connect through shared emotions.

My areas of interest include identity, social justice, and climate change. I am able to bring together my formal education (through my MSc in Environmental Change and Management from Oxford) with my art to question and challenge mainstream discourses on climate, which often erase the perspectives of the very people at the forefront of the climate crisis.

Sharing my work has been a process, years in the making. What ultimately made it feel like the right step to take is the prospect of being able to share a gift with others. And, I hope to never lose sight of that.


I truly hope that my work is a gift to you—be it just one word. And if it is, then consider passing the gift on.

Humanly yours,


Please kindly note:

  • I do not have the pretention to represent any particular group of people nor do I claim that all other people who look like me share or even relate to my experiences.  

  • Some of my work contains fictional aspects. Not all the people and events I write about are grounded in reality.

  • My use of pronouns is often not literal. For example, the first person (‘I’) might not be referring to my personal experience.

  • Unless otherwise stated, all the work presented on this website is copyrighted original work and should not be used or reproduced in whole or in part without explicit consent. However, you can share links to my work, subject to proper crediting.

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